Peter Stoličný

Peter Stoličný (19 March 1945, Beharovce) is a Slovak writer, screenwriter and journalist. He has written a large number of books for children and youth. Holidays with Cinnamon the Monkey is an excellent little book that contains short stories about good manners. It will entertain not only young readers but also their parents, grandparents.
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Cinnamon the monkey has jumped out of the storybook to have more incredible adventures with his friends. This time in the summer, over the holidays.Even though he’s already learned a lot about manners, he’s still that fidgety little monkey who’s always up to something.

He likes to do funny stunts and do magic tricks. But watch out! His pranks don’t always work. Sometimes Cinnamon needs to be educated.

At the end of each story, he writes useful notes that can help you learn what to do and what not to do.


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