Tahir Alangu

Tahir Alangu, Turkish writer and literary historian, born in 1915 in Istanbul. He conducted research on fairy tales, shadow plays, epics, migrant folklore and theoretical problems related to them.

His poems, criticisms, writings on literature, history and folklore were published in magazines such as Yurt, Tarihten Sesler, Yeni Türk, Değirmen, Gündüz, Yeni Yurt, Yenilik, Yeditepe, Türk Dili, Dost and Kim, starting from his student years. Between 1960 and 1969, he wrote novel and story reviews in Varlık magazine and contributed to the preparation of Varlık Yearbook.

Plot summary:

Keloğlan catches a magical fish that has a bowl inside its belly, which turns water into gold. With his newfound wealth, Keloğlan becomes spoiled and his mother warns him of the consequences.


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