Ion Creangă

Ion Creangă (Romanian pronunciation: [iˈon ˈkre̯aŋɡə]; also known as Nică al lui Ștefan a PetreiIon Torcălău and Ioan Ștefănescu; March 1, 1837 – December 31, 1889) was a Moldavian, later Romanian writer, raconteur and schoolteacher. A main figure in 19th-century Romanian literature, he is best known for his Childhood Memories volume, his novellas and short stories, and his many anecdotes. Creangă’s main contribution to fantasy and children’s literature includes narratives structured around eponymous protagonists (“Harap Alb“, “Ivan Turbincă“, “Dănilă Prepeleac“, “Stan Pățitul“), as well as fairy tales indebted to conventional forms (“The Story of the Pig“, “The Goat and Her Three Kids“, “The Mother with Three Daughters-in-Law“, “The Old Man’s Daughter and the Old Woman’s Daughter“).

Plot summary:

The old woman`s daughter and the old man`s daughter was written by Ion Creangă, a well-known Romanian storyteller, who adapted a Romanian folktale. The theme can also be found in Hungarian and German folktales as well. The Brothers Grimm wrote a similar tale called Mother Holle. 

Mother’s Daughter and Father’s Daughter is about two stepsisters. The old man`s daughter is kind and hardworking. The old woman`s daughter is evil and lazy. Both have the same adventures. The story is a good example of how good deeds are rewarded.

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