Margit Garajszki

Margit Garajszki (1983, Budapest) writer, translator, theatre dramaturg. Graduated in Slovak Language and Literature at the Comenius University in Bratislava, then studied theatre directing and dramaturgy at the University of Theatre Arts

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Bobula is an ordinary little girl who spends the few days in the country with her grandparents while her mother goes to the hospital to give birth to Bobula’s little brother. While we wait for the birth of her little brother, important questions are answered. Can you get to the Moon with a dandelion or a straw hat? What is the difference between a decent hunger and a hunger for action? Why wear magic pyjamas at night? How can you make knight from a squirrel?

This storybook is for all children, those who already have a brother or sister and those who just want to.


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