The theme

We are pleased to inform you that this Tuesday we are teaching Obo-Robotics and Abacusan Studio has started the 2nd mobility in Austria in the RIDE Robotics project funded by the European Erasmus + program 🇪🇺.

At Ride Robotics, we work with our partners from many European countries to develop robotic content for special children with special needs. This week, Avilés will have the opportunity to have a personal meeting between the Hungarian company Abacusan Studio and the Spanish company Obo – We teach robotics (Intergroupo) to analyze the work related to the content of the website: hierarchies, functionalities, graphic design and module matrix. We expect very good results!

Between meetings

On Wednesday, we visited a Spanish school where the Abacusan was able to gain insight into Obo-led school sessions. We met Ozobot, Sphero and Dash & Dot to help kids learn more exciting than exciting things.

On Thursday, we organized a tour of Avilés with the students of the Abacusan Studio team, partners of the Erasmus + #RideRobotics project, with students of “Turística Local e Información al Visitante” and Obo – Robotics.
We got to know the fascinating history, architecture and legends of the city. The good weather accompanied us all morning, we had a great time and learned a lot 🤓!
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