In a merry pin, the opening meeting of the project has started on it’s way with a three-day long intensive work of the national RIDE project (Robotics for the Inclusive Education of Atypical and Typical Children) launched and coordinated by Abacusan Studio, and supported by the Erasmus+ programme.

RIDE project kick-off meeting 26-28. November took place in Budapest.

We got to know each other, the profile and philosophy of the participating institutions. We exchanged experiences on robotics, inclusive education, talent management, research.

The participants of the meeting were greeted on Skype and the project was supported by an ArTeC representative.

The good-natured discussions were followed by sightseeing, a visit to the Vasarely Museum and joint dinners. In this way, it was possible to get to know our common European heritage and to form personal relationships and friendships.

During the 3-years-long project 4 country’s 7 organizations going to be in a strong cooperation. We work upon and test freely accesible learning materials and teacher helping guides based on the usage of ArTeC robots, which helps differentiated-and talent development.
Besides Abacusan Studio, two universities (ELTE, UNIBZ), a spanish company who works with learning materials and product development (Obo) and three schools (Kardos, SF Nicolae, Comenius) take part in the project.
The place of the meeting was provided by EPAM Hungary – Thank you for the support!