Who is Miguel Cervantes?

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the Spanish language, and one of the world’s pre-eminent novelists. He is best known for his novel Don Quixote, which you will work on in this class, considered as the first modern novel, and one of the highest achievements of literature of all times.

Plot summary:

Alonso Quixano is a rich middle-aged man who has read many tales about chivalry and knights, goes crazy and believes that he is a knight named Don Quixote. He rides around the country with his squire, Sancho, having adventures. He believes his adventures are real, but everyone else laughs at him. The lesson behind Don Quixote is that there is value in all people regardless of social standing, worldview, weight, age, etc. Don, who aspires to be a chivalrous knight, shows how ridiculous antiquated beliefs can be to those who have conquered living in the present (Sancho Panza). One of the most famous stories, which you are going to work on and recreate with robots in this class, is Don Quixote’s fight with the windmills. He sees some windmills and thinks they are giants. When he rides to fight with them, he is knocked off his horse. Sancho tells him they are only windmills, but Don Quixote does not believe him. He is sure a magician changed windmills into the giants to hurt him.